Success comes from process

Scoprum is a furniture-producing company which items can be characterized as unique, non-conformist never boring and always full of imagination.
Scoprum succeeds for years in tracking down style icons, developing trends and innovations in furniture design, and using them to fulfil the dreams of furnishing enthusiasts.

With the courage to innovate, Scoprum creates trends and unique furnishing collections.

Our goals and vision

As an international supplier and generator of change Scorpum continues creating new furnishing designs and art objects.

We provide you with unique design: mixture of imagination, experience and professionalism. You can trust us and will get a perfect result.

A higher level of satisfaction

We focus on furniture for all rooms of your home from bedroom, dining room to office as well as mattresses and accents. We are sure you will enjoy the result and come back to us for more inspiration.

Make with love all what we do

We design and craft timeless styles that are comfortable and livable.
Our exclusive furniture and accessories start with a sketch inspired by the designs.
We know one style does not suit all. You’ll find so much to love in our wide selection of room-to-room furnishings.

Experts ready to serve

We know emergencies don’t happen when it’s convenient, so we offer 24/7 service staff to handle the unexpected at your site. With our team, you’re covered for fast response and recovery.